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Bridging the gap between the help and the need.

Zusa makes your shares and views count, and generates money directly for the cause!

What makes Zusa different?

Donate to a fundraiser by watching advertisements, filling surveys, sharing on socials. Make your shares and views count!

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What can you do to help?

Our generation of young adults are socially responsible citizens who would be willing to support and stand beside those in need. Oftentimes we face a financial constraint that stops us from being a financial support to more and more causes.

Sharing the message on various social media platforms and spreading the cause does help in amplifying the voices of those in need. However, if we can combine the idea of sharing the message of a fundraiser and simultaneously aid the cause financially through those shares, it becomes a win-win situation.

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Here's what we offer

For every fundraiser listed on the platform, the helper contributes via one of the methods listed.

The helper gets options to contribute via viewing ads, short videos, filling up surveys, sharing on various social media platforms

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List your fundraiser

If you are listing fundraisers, add in your details and supporting documents for the fundraiser. Wait for verification from Zusa's side. Once verification is done, the fundraiser gets listed on the platform.

Why would advertisers want to join us?

Startups, small businesses, corporations can use this fundraising platform as a means of advertising their products and services. The money that they would have invested for advertisements can be shared through this platform for various causes.